The Hip Active Rehab Online Workshop

Learn how to assess the hip joint, recognise common dysfunctions, and develop targeted exercise rehab programs. With an extensive exercise progression section for all the major muscles of the hip, this is essential knowledge for all health and fitness professionals.

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Reasons to Enroll

    • 10.5 CPDs ESSA, 7 CECs Fitness Australia, 3 PDPs Physical Activity Australia, 6.25 CPDs RepsNZ
    • Flexible learning – study at a time and pace that suits you
    • All learning material can be downloaded and saved
    • Learn how to identify common dysfunctions and imbalances in the hip
    • Learn which muscles contribute to hip function and how to target these with specific exercise progressions


The Hip Active Rehab Online Workshop will help you differentiate yourself from other health and fitness professions. Learn how to design personalised and targeted programs to keep your client moving at their optimal function.

Hip strength and mobility are important factors in maintaining agility and optimising performance. As the attachment site for many muscles, the hip joint plays a major functional role in body movement. With our lives becoming more sedentary, our hips can become more inflexible and weaker, which can lead to more injuries. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure there is good balance and strength in the hips to keep your clients safe from injury.

This workshop will begin by looking at hip joint function, from basic anatomy to range of motion and stability assessments. We will also look at some common injuries such as piriformis syndrome, hamstring strains, and hip osteo-arthritis, among others.

The comprehensive progressive strengthening section will take you through exercises for all the major muscle groups around the hip. Each exercise progression will take you from phase one of muscle activation through to advanced functional exercises. Discover how to target the Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Adductors, Flexors and External Rotators to help avoid and rehab common injuries.

This workshop is essential knowledge for anyone wanting to design programs focused on correcting imbalances and restoring optimal function to the hip.


Key Learning Points

    • Understand how posture can effect muscle length and tension around the hip
    • Understand the effect of gravity on the hip joint
    • Be able to perform specific length tests for muscles acting on the hip
    • Understand how to progress a program from isolated activation through to more functional training
    • Know the correct instructional cues to help your client activate individual muscles
    • Be able to demonstrate a variety of exercise progressions for each of the major muscle groups associated with the hip


What You Will Need

    • A computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet 
    • A pilates ball, resistance band, and large fitball
    • An exercise mat or appropriate space to do floor exercises