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At Active Rehab Solutions we are all about effective exercise rehab training. We believe that fitness professionals play an important role in both injury prevention and rehabilitation. From many years of industry experience we saw a need for ongoing training in exercise rehab techniques, and our first workshop was born.

We are not about the latest gym craze or fancy gadget. What we are about is knowledge. We aim to give fitness professionals the skills and confidence to see their client as an individual and provide targeted programs. From the initial assessment of a client’s posture and functional movement, through to developing a program with targeted exercise progressions for a specific weakness or injury. Our workshops are about empowering fitness professionals with knowledge so that their programs are more effective in preventing and rehabilitating injury.   

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Merrin martin

B.App.Sc. (Phty), B.Sp.Sc.(Ex.Science), Cert IV Pilates, M.A.P.A

Merrin is the owner of Active Rehab Solutions and Active Anatomy Physiotherapy.

Early on in her physiotherapy career Merrin identified a knowledge gap in the rehabilitation skills of the fitness professionals she was training and treating. This inspired her to develop a series of practical workshops to share the exercise rehab progressions she had found to be most successful during her 20+ years as a physiotherapist. With a clinical pilates focus and a straightforward presentation style, Merrin is regarded as an expert in her role as an educator in targeted exercise rehab programs and managing injury.

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