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Ways To Study

Whether you like the convenience of online study, or prefer to learn face to face, we have an option for you. 

How about staff training? We can come to you and ensure your staff are up to date with all the latest exercise rehab techniques. 

Building confidence in designing targeted exercise rehab programs…

The fitness industry has never been more competitive and the key to a successful career is providing a program with a point of difference. Being able to customise your programs to your client’s specific needs will help to keep them injury free with no excuses for not turning up to training!

At Active Rehab Solutions we are passionate about empowering fitness professionals with the skills and knowledge to assess their clients as individuals, providing them with customized programs for their specific areas of weakness or loss of mobility. Whether you’re bringing your client back from injury, or ensuring that niggle doesn’t turn into something worse, the right program will make the difference between a quick recovery or ongoing issues.

Our workshops are based on the Active Rehab Solutions System which has been developed from more than 20 years of exercise rehab experience. We believe there are 10 key concepts to good exercise rehabilitation. Our bodies do not move in isolation and it is important to understand how one area affects another. Each workshop will focus on specific concepts and take you through assessment techniques and exercise progressions to help you design targeted rehab programs.

With both online and face-to-face options, these highly practical workshops will provide you with clear and comprehensive knowledge on exercise rehabilitation and prevention.

key concepts of exercise rehab