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Knee Active Rehab

Knee Active Rehab

Learn how to assess the knee joint, recognise common dysfunctions, and develop targeted exercise rehab programs. With an extensive exercise progression section for all the major muscles of the knee, this is essential knowledge for all health and fitness professionals.


Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment

Improve your skills and confidence in performing static and functional postural assessments. Learn how to identify common postural dysfunctions in your clients and the best progressive exercise techniques to address them. This is essential knowledge for any fitness professional who wants to help their client avoid or rehabilitate injury.

core and pelvis active rehab

Core & Pelvis Active Rehab

The core and pelvis provide a strong foundation for correct functional movement of the rest of the body.

This practical workshop will provide you with the skills to assess the core and pelvis, identify common dysfunctions, and provide your client with the most appropriate progressive strengthening program to address many common injuries and dysfunctions.

Neck and Shoulder Active Rehab

Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab

The unique anatomy of the shoulder enables a wide range of motion in the joint, with this comes an increased risk of dysfunction and injury.

This workshop will take you through the correct exercise techniques to avoid injury and assist in rehabilitation. Gain a better understanding of the interaction between the thoracic spine, shoulder girdle and cervical spine and the importance of ensuring all areas are functioning correctly to avoid injury.

Hip Active Rehab

Hip Active Rehab

Learn how to assess the hip joint, recognise common dysfunctions, and develop targeted exercise rehab programs. With an extensive exercise progression section for all the major muscles of the hip, this is essential knowledge for all health and fitness professionals.

fascia and foam roller

Fascia & Foam Roller

The foam roller is well known as a great recovery tool, but are you using it to its full potential? In this online workshop we will show you some great myofascial releases, as well as take you through an extensive collection of mobility and core stability exercises. The thorough theory section will give you an overview of the fascial lines of the body and how they can affect mobility. This highly practical workshop will give you a better understanding of the body’s fascial system and many new ways to incorporate the foam roller into your exercise rehab program.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

key concepts of exercise rehab

The fitness industry has never been more competitive and the key to a successful career is providing a program with a point of difference. Being able to customise your programs to your client’s specific needs will help to keep them injury free with no excuses for not turning up to training!

We are passionate about empowering fitness professionals with the skills and knowledge to assess their clients as individuals, providing them with customized programs for their specific areas of weakness or loss of mobility. Whether you’re bringing your client back from injury, or ensuring that niggle doesn’t turn into something worse, the right program will make the difference between a quick recovery or ongoing issues.

Our workshops are based on the Active Rehab Key Concepts of Exercise Rehab, which has been developed from more than 20 years of exercise rehab experience. We believe there are 10 key concepts to good exercise rehabilitation. Our bodies do not move in isolation and it is important to understand how one area affects another. Each workshop will focus on specific concepts and take you through assessment techniques and exercise progressions to help you design targeted rehab programs.

What Our Students Have to Say

“I really liked how there were common specific pathology and actual exercises that will help”
Dodds, B
Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop - Brisbane
The content of this course is essential for personal trainers and gym instructors, and I believe it should be part of the Certificate IV in Fitness syllabus. The course presents a lot of relevant information and the presenter makes it easy to understand.
Iara V
Hip Rehab Solutions Online Workshop
Treating the whole system as one is something which is often overlooked. This more encompassing approach was really good to tie things in together and make the bigger picture much clearer.
Tyler S
Core & Pelvis Active Rehab Online Workshop
It was very thorough and interactive. Merrin is a fantastic presenter. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and was able to share in a way we could all understand plus she made it fun.
Sophie M
The Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop - Sydney
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