The Knee Active Rehab Online Workshop - NEW!

Learn how to assess the knee joint, recognise common dysfunctions, and develop targeted exercise rehab programs. With an extensive exercise progression section for all the major muscles of the knee, this is essential knowledge for all health and fitness professionals.

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Reasons to Enroll

    • Accreditation with Physical Activity Australia for 3 PDPs. Accreditation with ESSA and Fitness Australia pending.¬†
    • Flexible learning – study at a time and pace that suits you
    • All learning material can be downloaded and saved
    • Learn how to identify common dysfunctions in the knee
    • Learn which muscles contribute to knee function and how to target these with specific exercise progressions


The Knee Active Rehab Online Workshop will help you differentiate yourself from other health and fitness professions. Learn how to design personalised and targeted programs to keep your client moving at their optimal function.

This workshop will begin by looking at how to practically assess the dynamic function and mobility of the knee joint. In addition, we will discuss the functional biomechanics of the knee, and cover the most common injuries relating to the knee joint including ACL and meniscal injuries.

The comprehensive progressive strengthening section will teach you the specific exercise progressions for prevention and rehabilitation of muscles directly influencing the knee. These include strengthening exercises for the VMO, quadriceps, gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. We also include a detailed section on balance, proprioception and knee agility exercises which are extremely important for both prevention and full rehabilitation following knee injuries.

This workshop is essential knowledge for anyone wanting to design programs focused on correcting imbalances and restoring optimal function to the knee.


Key Learning Points

    • Learn how to identify variations in leg alignment and how to prescribe exercises to support them.¬†
    • Understand how to identify common dysfunctions of the knee through dynamic testing
    • Be able to prescribe interventions of stretches and strengthening exercises to improve function of the knee
    • Understand how to progress a program from isolated activation through to more functional training
    • Know the correct instructional cues to help your client activate individual muscles
    • Learn how to progress balance and proprioception exercises from beginner through to advanced levels for optimal knee training


What You Will Need

    • A computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet¬†
    • A pilates ball, resistance band, and large fitball
    • An exercise mat or appropriate space to do floor exercises