Fascia & Foam Roller Online Workshop

The foam roller is well known as a great recovery tool, but are you using it to it’s full potential? In this online workshop we will¬† show you some great myofascial releases, as well as take you through an extensive collection of mobility and core stability exercises. The thorough theory section will give you an overview of the fascial lines of the body and how they can effect mobility. This highly practical workshop will give you a better understanding of the body’s fascial system and many new ways to incorporate the foam roller into your exercise rehab program.

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Reasons to Enroll

    • 5 CPDs ESSA, 5 CECs Fitness Australia, 5 CPEs ATMS,¬† 3 PDPs Physical Activity Australia, 3.75 CEC RepsNZ
    • Gain a better understanding of fascial trains and how they can effect mobility
    • Discover great new ways to incorporate the foam roller into your exercise rehab programs
    • Flexible learning – study at a time and pace that suits you
    • All learning material can be downloaded and saved


The Fascia & Foam Roller Online Workshop is ideal for all fitness professionals. Learn how to use the foam roller and spikey ball to reduce fascial tension and improve strength and flexibility.

Fascia is a fibrous net of connective tissue which surrounds every cell in the body and is heavily interconnected with muscular function. Fascial restrictions can create abnormal strain patterns that result in compression of joints, pain, and dysfunction. The foam roller can be an effective tool in releasing these restrictions and restoring optimal function.

This workshop will give you a great overview of the anatomy of fascia and how restrictions in fascial trains can affect the body. For example, discover how releasing the plantar fascia can improve hamstring mobility, or how calf releases can relieve headache symptoms. Most importantly, you will learn the correct techniques to release the fascia and trigger points that cause many common muscular restrictions.

The versatility of the foam roller is not limited to stretching and muscle release. We will also take you through a series of stability and mobility exercises that will help you to take your basic core workout to the next level. By introducing the instability of the foam roller the core will be forced to work harder to stabilise you. Add in some hand weights and a pilates ball and you will have the rest of the body working too.

Enroll today to learn some great new skills to use with your clients or for your own self care.

Key Learning Points

    • Understand the anatomy of myofascia and how it behaves in the body
    • Discover the major fascial trains within the body and how they effect movement and function
    • Learn myofascial release techniques using the foam roller and spikey ball to treat the fascial trains
    • Learn a range of mobility and core stability exercises using the foam roller
    • Important contraindications and safety protocols when using the foam roller

What You Will Need

    • A computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet
    • Large/long foam roller
    • Spikey or trigger point ball
    • An exercise mat or appropriate space to do floor exercises