Hip, Knee & Ankle Active Rehab Face to Face Workshop

Learn how to strengthen and stabilise the knee, ankle and deep intrinsic muscles of the foot. We will look at common injuries, such as meniscal problems and patellofemoral pain, and  demonstrate key exercise techniques to help rehabilitate them. From the initial assessment through to targeted exercise progressions, this workshop will give you a great overview of how to maintain optimal function in the lower body.


We currently have no dates available for face-to-face workshops so why not check out our online workshops! 


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Reasons to Enroll

    • 5.5 CPDs ESSA, 5 CECs AUSactive
    • Small classes with plenty of practical exercise time
    • Free Pilates ball and resistance band
    • Understand the relationship between the hip, knee and ankle for optimal lower body function


The Hip, Knee & Ankle Face to Face Workshop is ideal for fitness professionals interested in exercise rehab for the lower body.

It is important to understand how the hip, knee and ankle rely on each other for optimal movement of the lower body. This is especially true for the hip which is responsible for controlling leg alignment. If there is an imbalance in the hip this can easily contribute to issues further down the leg. For example, weak gluteal muscles can cause valgus pressure on the knee and increase the risk of injury. This is why it is essential not to look at the joints of the lower body in isolation when working on a dysfunction or injury, as you may be overlooking a key contributing factor.

This practical workshop will take you through the key assessment techniques to identify areas of weakness, tightness and compensatory patterns. We will look at the functional anatomy of each of the three areas and their relationship to each other. As well as a review of the most common injuries and dysfunctions that you will see in your clients. From here you will be shown the most effective exercise progressions we have found to avoid and rehabilitate injuries. This is vital knowledge for any fitness professional wanting to provide their client with a safe and targeted program.


Key Learning Points

    • Understand gravity’s effect on the hip, knee and ankle joints
    • Know how to identify areas of weakness and tightness through static lower limb analysis and dynamic functional assessment.
    • Understand the importance of how teams of muscles provide force closure to the pelvic joints, and thus why functional exercises are essential for exercise programs
    • Learn to assess and prescribe exercises for the deep hip external rotators
    • Be able to prescribe specific stretches and strengthening exercises to address the main concerns for all the common hip injuries
    • Optimal knee rehabilitation following ACL or meniscal injury
    • Be able to prescribe specific stretches and strengthening exercises for maintenance of optimal knee and ankle function
    • Progressive proprioceptive exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of ligamentous sprains in the ankle


What You Will Need

      • Laptop/tablet with internet connection.
      • You will receive a pack prior to the live zoom workshop. This will contain the printed manuals and equipment that you will need for the workshop.
      • Mat/towel for floor work



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