The Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop

This Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop incorporates 4 of our most essential topics to give you a complete overview of our Key Concepts of Exercise Rehab:

  • Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment (online pre-learning module)
  • Core & Pelvis Active Rehab
  • Hip, Knee & Ankle Active Rehab
  • Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab

Whether you are rehabilitating a client or ensuring they are using the correct functional patterns to avoid injury, these workshops will give you the skills to properly assess your client, looking for areas of weakness or loss of mobility to be targeted in your programs. Developed from more than 20 years of physiotherapy experience, these are the exercise progressions that we have found to be most successful in preventing and rehabilitating injury.


We currently have no dates available for face-to-face workshops so why not check out our online workshops! 

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Reasons to Enroll

    • A total of 24.5 CPDs ESSA, 15 CECs AUSactive, 6 PDPs Physical Activity Australia
    • Free Rehab Exercise Pack including a trigger point ball, pilates ball, and resistance band
    • Printed manuals for each of the face to face workshops
    • Small group learning with plenty of practical exercise time
    • Up to date, research based exercise rehab techniques for better program design


The Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop includes:

Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment: learn to identify areas of weakness and loss of mobility in your client through static and dynamic postural assessment, as well as range of motion and flexibility tests. We will cover some of the most common postural dysfunctions and specific exercise progressions to address them. This workshop provides the foundation and framework of all our other topics, the skills learnt in this section will be utilized throughout the other workshops.

(Please note: this section will need to be completed as an online workshop prior to the weekend workshop. The content will be reviewed with the presenter at the beginning of the weekend workshop)

Core & Pelvis Active Rehab: pelvic stability plays a key role in rehabilitation and prevention of all lower limb injuries. The importance of core and pelvic stability can not be underestimated. From recurring knee injuries, to sacroiliac joint pain or pelvic floor weakness, such a variety of issues can lead back to a weak core and unstable pelvis. Ensure you are training the right part of the body as we examine the most common dysfunctions and the best progressive strengthening programs. We will cover the latest concepts for retraining core stability, tips to activate the glutes and external rotators, and techniques to down-train the muscles of the pelvis that are prone to spasm.

Hip, Knee & Ankle Active Rehab: At some stage in your career you will be faced with a client who has had a torn ACL or meniscus, a sprained ankle, patello-femoral pain, anterior hip impingement, or dropped arches. Learn how to identify areas of weakness and tightness for targeted preventative exercise progressions, as well as the best rehabilitation techniques to bring your client back to optimal function.

Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab: while the shoulder girdle has the greatest range of motion of all the joints in the body, this comes at a price on stability, which in turn can lead to injury when there are structural and functional imbalances. Make sure you are using the best shoulder position to ensure your program is not loading the rotator cuff and contributing to the problem. We will cover the most common neck and shoulder injuries and the best progressive strengthening programs to address these dysfunctions to make sure that you are training without risking injury.


Key Learning Points

    • Static postural analysis techniques to help identify common postural dysfunctions
    • Dynamic and functional assessment techniques to identify areas of weakness or restriction
    • Understand how to progress a client through the stages of rehab from muscle activation through to full functional movement
    • Progressive exercise rehab programs to address many of the most common injuries and dysfunctions


What You Will Need

      • Laptop/tablet with internet connection.
      • You will receive a pack prior to the live zoom workshop. This will contain the printed manuals and equipment that you will need for the workshop.
      • Mat/towel for floor work


Prerequisites: You must be a registered Personal Trainer in order to attain AUSActive CECs for the Rehab Solutions Weekend Workshop.


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